High experienced and special educated architects and designing team, ensure high quality products and services at each stage of the project, from design to construction.

Our supervisors are multi lingual engineers, whose goal is to provide the best solution and knowledge for the customer. Our staff is trained and specialized in applying all the above materials and products in projects all over Greece as well as abroad.


Christos Zahopoulos, Engineering Consultant

Dipl. Electric Engineer (GR, EN)


Christophoros Arnomalis, Chief Supervisor

Dipl. Mechanical Engineer (University of Western Macedonia) (GR, EN) 


Dimitrios Kapsalis Design Dept. manager

Dipl. Architect Engineer (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) (GR, EN, IT) 

Dimitrios Balzer Planning Director

Dipl. Architect (Hospital Design Specialist), Technical University Berlin - Architecture Hospital (GR, D, EN) 

Polykarpos Sidiropoulos

MSc Interactive Multimedia (Westminster University), BSc Computer Science (City University of London) (GR, EN)

Ioannis Tassis , Commissioning - cetification manager

Mechanical Engineer (GR, EN) 


Fitzios Elias, Consultant

General Surgeon (General Chief military doctor in retirement, 424 GSNE), Special Advisor on Medical Matters (GR, EN)

Panagiotis Panteliadis, Consultant

Obstetrician, gynecologist, Special Advisor on Medical Matters (GR, EN)