Modular Wall System


AXIS MEDICAL after 10 years of experience in clean room construction sites, has worked in its own wall cladding system.  The system is designed in detail by the company’s engineers and is continuously evolving through a feedback procedure which we follow and helps us become even better.

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One day clinic 

One day clinic (ODC) is the health unit that provides health diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical services, for not requiring general, spinal or epidural anesthesia and without hospitalization during the night in accordance with the current legislation.

Clean Rooms

We offer a comprehensive proposal for clean rooms, both design and construction.

Our final product  includes false  ceiling by antibacterial materials,  wall cladding, clean-room  flooring as well as  equipment such as furniture, laboratory benches, doors, hygiene products, wall protection etc.

Operating Rooms

Operating Rooms are a special category of clean rooms which need except for clean, aseptic environment, hermetically sealed openings, disappearance of live corners, very strict standards about pressure and temperature etc.

Check out our reference list about OR construction in many hospitals, in many countries.