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The ceiling system is the logical supplementary module to the wall system. The panel modules match with the wall system grid dimensions and each panel can be detached individually. Adapter panels and fitting panels complete the system range.

The substructure consists of support and cross profiles, fixed together to form a rigid grid which can match with the wall panel grid.

We can supply and install all normal ceiling fittings. All laboratory requirements regarding hygiene, tightness, ease of installation and surface quality are complied with our systems.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

Stainless Steel grade 304(18/10), grade 316 (17/12/2) or steel sheet (painted, powder coated)

Galvanized steel fixed-dimension fixtures antibacterial – hermetically sealed

The certified technical features of a properly installed system consist of special parts (rounded shapes) and the total absence of live edges, ensuring that all surfaces and LFS are flush without protrusions.

We use elastic sealing gaskets interposed between the rear edge of the panels and the sub -frame, that ensure a hermetic seal thus preventing the ingress of contaminated air from system voids. In the stainless steel or galvanized steel solution, the sealing is rubber stripes visible between the panels, mounted during the construction.

We use rockwool sheets between the substructure in order to achieve high quality of thermal and sound insulation.