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In a laboratory environment where the electronic equipment is more sensitive and the accuracy requirements are higher, the installation of special antistatic flooring (below 106Ω) is needed.

In hospital rooms, surgery rooms, etc. the electrical discharging must meet stricter requirements the installation of special antistatic & conductive floors (below 104Ω) is needed.

Dissipative flooring, antistatic (< 2kV), flexible homogeneous floor coverings available in both sheet and tile form. Calendared and compacted with permanent anti-static properties. They act as a continuous dissipater 106 ≤ Rt ≤ 108 (EN 1081) and comply with EN 649.

The conductive floors properly installed (with a grid bronze and grounding) alienate any electrostatic charge created.

Used in areas with very high standards of safety and sensitivity of electronic equipment such as Operating Theatres. The standard electrical resistance is 5×104 ≤ Rt ≤ 106 (EN 1081). It complies with EN 649.