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Medical Planning


01. Intro

Every new project begins by visiting the site and creating a concept that fits the requirements and needs of the customer and the end user

02. At a Glance

Medical Planning

  • Axis Medical has extensive experience in medical equipment and furniture planning for all types of healthcare facilities, and an in-depth understanding of clinical project requirements because of our experienced and clinically trained hospital and medical equipment planners.
  • Our approach to FF&E planning is based on our significant and extensive experience working with healthcare organizations to develop and implement sustainable solutions and working with them to implement the changes required. Each step is critical for the success of the project and helps to integrate our key success factors of engagement, collaboration, integration, and ownership.


  • At Axis Medical we understand that patient-focused, results-driven, integrated, and sustainable medical equipment and furniture planning is essential for both project success and patient well-being. A major driver of the FF&E process is the continuously evolving technology which creates the need to develop environments that are flexible and adaptable to accept change as it evolves. Our firm is vendor neutral, ensuring we provide our clients with the most up-to-date, unbiased clinical knowledge throughout each stage of your project. Our clinical consultants will provide the most innovative healthcare solutions the market has to offer, ensuring clinical needs are met while remaining within budgetary constraints.


  • Axis Medical can design, supply and install all FF&E equipment in collaboration with our numerous trusted suppliers with whom we have a long-lasting cooperation. The engineering and supervision as well as the responsibility for functional, complete and efficient result is the full service to our clients.

Design – Space Optimization

  • We look for the optimal placement of each product in the project area, which will maximize the space usage proposing to each client the optimal solution in order to ensure maximum satisfaction from the end-result, along with maximized productivity and ergonomic space usage. In each case, we reproduce a 3D model of the area space and function program along with our proposal, which helps us and our clients to solve any issues and make fast progress.